This Healthy Buildings 2023 Asia and Pacific Rim is going to be a highly multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary conference, upholding the theme of “Resilient healthy buildings and the low-carbon solutions”. The conference aims to address the challenges of buildings in epidemic control, health resilience, and the reduction of carbon-based energy use when constructing and operating healthy buildings.

The multi-discipline and inter-discipline feature are largely embodied in the conference topics, which ensures the full participation of different disciplines related to buildings, health, medical, energy, people, management, policy, etc. A preliminary list is presented below:

1. Resilience of healthy buildings:

Role of building in COVID-19 epidemic control
Infectious disease transmission
Chronic diseases in buildings
Resilient healthy building design and operation

2. Exposure in buildings:

Indoor pollutant
Indoor chemistry and microbiology
Human responses to building exposure
Comfort and psychophysics
Behavior and adaptation

3. Source control / exposure mitigation:

New and advanced building materials
Cleaning and disinfection
Thermal environment
Climate change and urban issues
Noise and acoustics

4. Design and operation of buildings and HVAC:

Building simulation, prediction, and measurement
Design, operation, and control of the built environment.
Building ventilation
Heating and cooling
Hygiene and energy use
Health care buildings

5. Building sciences:

Heat, momentum, and mass transfer in buildings
Building envelope
Retrofit of buildings
Healthy building management
Relationship between indoor and outdoor environment

6. Policy, standards, regulations and guidelines:

Productivity and economics
Statutory directives, building codes
Standards, product documentation, labelling schemes
Voluntary codes of practice / building process
Energy policy

7. Low carbon solutions to healthy buildings:

Energy use and running cost of healthy buildings
Renewable energy use in healthy buildings
Balance between health and energy use
Low carbon healthy buildings in developing countries
Life cycle assessment of healthy buildings