Hotels Around the Conference Venue for Accommodation

HotelsDistance to venue hotel
Hyatt Regency Tianjin East (★★★★★)
126 Weiguo Rd., +86-22-2457-1234
0 m
Ruida Spring Boutique Hotel (★★★★)
124 Weiguo Rd., +86-22-2456-2222
130 m
Shenglan Internaltional Hotel (★★★★)
134 Weiguo Rd., +86-22-5807-8888
660 m
Hanting Hotel (Chenglin Rd. Subway Station) (★★)
91-1 Chenglin Rd., +86-22-2455-8858
1900 m
Lihao Hotel (Wanda Plaza Chenglin Road Subway Station) (★★)
B-1, 5 Jianxin Rd., Chenglin Rd., +86-22-8453-5888
1600 m

*The venue hotel offers discounted prices for the HB conference participants. The price is CNY 500 per night including one breakfast and CNY 600 if two breakfasts are included. The prices for one bedroom (King or queen size) and two bedroom (twin bed size) rooms are the same and both can accommodate up to two guests. If a registered participant needs to book the venue hotel through the organization committee, please contact Dr. Mengqiang Lv via